María Clauss Santiago Palacios Nazik Armenakyan Federico Ríos Sáshenka Guitérrez


Since 1997, Médecins del Món Spain has held the annual prize in memory of Flors Sirera, Luis Valtue’a, Manuel Madrazo and Mercedes Navarro, four members of the organization murdered in Rwanda, Bosnia and Herzegovina while participating in humanitarian action projects.


The 26th edition showed the winning work Donde no habite el olvido, by María Clauss, a project carried out during 2021 and the beginning of 2022 in the province of Huelva that aims to make visible the spaces of repression, the reprisals of Francoism and their direct relatives. During the inauguration, the short documentary of the project will be screened, together with the presentation of the author María Clauss.


The finalist projects could also be seen: «La masacre de Bucha» (Santiago Palacios), «Red Black White» (Nazik Armenakyan), «Migrantes atravesando el Tapón del Darién» (Federico Ríos) i la mencióespecial «Jódete Cáncer» (Sáshenka Guitérrez)

11 OCT > 4 NOV / Sala Sant Antoni, Maó
11 OCT / 7 pm / Opening and screening of the short film, with the presence of the winning author
With the collaboration of Metges del Món


«Arxipèlag (l’illa)» is a photographic project made up of snapshots where people living on an “island” are portrayed. Under an intimate and introspective perspective, L’illa reflects on incommunication-cation, departure, separation, childhood…


Beatriz Polo Iañez

His professional career dates back to 2015. In 2020 he is a finalist in the XVIII Roberto Villagraz Photography Scholarship of EFTI, Madrid. Honorary Mention (2021) in the XX edition of the Fnac Nou Talent Award and the first prize in the VII Contest of Plastic Arts City of Felanitx among other awards.

12 OCT > 1 NOV / Ca n’Àngel, Es Mercadal
12 OCT / 7 pm / Opening, with the presence of the authors


In 1906, the anthropologist Robert Lehmann Nitsche real- launched a scientific expedition to the Sugar Ingeni of La Esperanza, in the Jujuy province of Argentina. Its purpose was to study the physical characters of the inhabitants of the peoples originating in the Western Chaco region (chiriguanos, chorotes, matacos, toba).


Juan Manuel Rosas (La Plata, Argentina, 1978)

It began in photography in 1998 with the concern to materialize through the lens those significant moments of which it is witnessed. As a freelancer for various graphic media of a documen- tal and journalistic nature, both in Argentina and in Spain, where he has lived since 2003.

12 OCT > 1 NOV / Ca n’Àngel, Es Mercadal
12 OCT / 7 pm / Opening, with the presence of the authors


Vilma Apesteguia, Daniel Martínez, Nerea Mora and Maria Saura.


With the aim of bringing the photographic project closer to young students, photographers Cristian P. Coll and Lluís Real have mentored five studios- moose in collaboration with the Escola d’Art de Menorca. The project was developed between August and October 2023.

12 OCT > 1 NOV / Ca n’Àngel, Es Mercadal
12 OCT / 7 pm / Opening, with the presence of the authors


Sardinia is an ancient island, rich in traditions and superstitions that have been preserved over time, carved in stone in the form of sacred totems, witch houses or giant tombs. The creation of this work has received the support of the Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics.


Tomeu Coll (Mallorca)

He is a documentary photographer with a mysterious look and an interest in all those things that exist outside what Guy Debord would do as a Society of Spectacle. His work serves to show different aspects of isolation, whether geographical, real or imaginary.

12 OCT > 1 NOV / Outside of the Es Mercadal Convention Centre
13 OCT / 7 pm / Opening, with the presence of the author


Josep (Pepe) Sintes Abril

In parallel to his work as a tailor, the author began his passion for photography and, as he was well suited, he decided to start working in it professionally.

Sintes Abril ran a shop in Es Mercadal from the early 1960s to 1973. The shop located on Comandant Sintes Street, 14, was a tailor shop and photo shop at the same time.

12 OCT > 1 NOV / Carrer d’Enmig, Es Mercadal
15 OCT / 1 p.m / Guided tour


Collection of images from more than three hundred thousand that will open our eyes to the bottom of the sea of Menorca through the scientific and informative gaze of Manuel Elices Calafat.


Manuel Elices Calafat (Menorca)

He has been one of our most recognized scientists internationally. She holds the academic position of Materials Sciences at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM).

10 OCT > 2 DES / Sala Sant Antoni, Maó
10 NOV / 7 pm / Opening, with the presence of the author


Elena Godefroy, Sergi Orovio, Jonàs Forchini, Irene Monteagudo and Lluc Pallicer


Collective exhibition of young authors recently graduated in art and photography schools in France, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. Panorama is the result of the project “Trans-Pyrenean Photographics”, led by 3 cross-border agents (Lumière d’Encre, Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya and Es FAR Cultural) recognized in the field of contemporary photography. Three actors involved in the dissemination of the work of the authors, who organize meetings between professionals and mediations with the public and creative residencies.

16 NOV > 2 DES / Espai Sant Josep, Ciutadella
16 NOV / 7 pm / Opening, with the presence of the authors



More than a century ago, these lands were full of stagnant waters, wild nature and malaria-carrying mosquitoes. The pirates would not dare to penetrate the wetlands, which still today would become a swamp if it were not for the asphalt that keeps them at bay. This work is a reflection of these damaged and forgotten lands, and it is also a demand for the fact that they continue to resist the invasion of visitors who year after year collapse the island without control.


Tomeu Coll (Mallorca)

The devotion and obsession with photography and the different ways of telling stories have led her work to be valued by different international media, with which she still works today. His personal projects have also been exhibited internationally, both in individual exhibitions in galleries and in photography festivals. At the end of 2019 he published the book with his long-term project, Badlands with Kehrer Verlag publishing house in Germany.

13 OCT > 30 OCT / Espai Sant Josep, Ciutadella
13 OCT / 8 pm / Opening, with the presence of the author


Since 1997, Médicos del Mundo Spain has held the annual prize in memory of Flors Sirera, Luis Valtue’a, Manuel Madrazo and Mercedes Navarro, four members of the organization murdered in Rwanda, Bosnia and Herzegovina while participating in humanitarian action projects.


The 25th edition of the Luis Valtue’a Awards, shows the winning work Las cicatrices by Jędrzej Nowicki (Polonia), which documents the massive protests that began in August 2020 against the Lukashenko regime in Belarus.

You can also see the finalist projects: Los dos muros (from Alejandro Cegarra), shows the ravages of mining in Bolivian communities, Doctor Peyo and Míster Hassen (from Jérémy Lempin), as a horse accompanies intensive care patients in a French hospital. Peru, a toxic state (by Alessandro Cinque), makes visible the journey of thousands of people in search of refuge in America.

14 OCT > 5 NOV / Sala Sant Antoni, Maó
14 OCT / 8 pm / Opening


What is current can become an invisible everyday, a perfect and silent medium. In the «Trilogia d’arquitectures poc comunes» we attend three portraits of geographically distant spaces, three cries of marble, glass and concrete that have, precisely, the mission of not going unnoticed.


Arnau Rovira (Barcelona, 1984)

In 2015 he moved to Madrid to study photography at EFTI and LENS, and since 2017 he is fully dedicated to photography. He has exhibited at various national festivals and his projects have been published in different international graphic media.

15 OCT > 30 OCT / Outdoor space of the Es Mercadal Convention Centre
16 OCT / 11 am / Guided visit


 A tribute to all the people who live and work in artisanal and traditional works on the island of Menorca, an approach to the cultural identity of the island and a journey towards the authenticity of its characters.


Anna Lofi (Reus, 1993)

Graduated in audiovisual communication (URV), and specialized in photojournalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2021). Winner of the 20th Young Photographer Award (e)s of Catalonia. He has exhibited at the Visa off Pour l’Image in Perpignan

15 OCT > 30 OCT / Outdoor space of the Es Mercadal Convention Centre
16 OCT / 11 am / Guided visit


«ARRELADA» It is to stop in the middle of a frenetic world, full of lights that blind us and look nearby. It’s to find yourself to remember who you are and where you come from. It’s realizing that everything you love and feel as yours changes and even disappears, like the earth between your fingers a windy day.


Patricia Coll Marquès (Ferreries)

She has studied artistic high school, technical in the graphic design chart. She has worked as a professional portrait photographer and also as a product photograph. She exhibits her photographs at the local level of Menorca with the Foto Club F llum de Ferreries, Fosquets Arts de Ferreries as well as at the Casino 17 de gener with the exhibition MADONES.

15 OCT > 30 OCT / Ca n’Ángel, Es Mercadal
15 OCT / 1 pm / Opening


This work talks about mothers and daughters, illness and care, the body and how it deteriorates without remedy, the mother’s house and the thing lived, the union between sisters facing intense pain. But above all he speaks from the heart about tenderness and love.


Rosa Sala (Benissa, Alacant)

She graduated in Fine Arts from the Miguel Hern’ndez University of Elche (2010), her interest in photography with a clear autobiographical component leads her to carry out the Master Photoalicante Projectes d’autor i fotografia contemporani (2016). His work has been exhibited in different spaces of the Valencian Country, Mexico, Portugal and Sardinia.

15 OCT > 30 OCT / Ca n’Ángel, Es Mercadal
15 OCT / 1 pm / Opening


«Neverland» is a fictional island whose inhabitants, called “lost children”, are known because they refuse to grow up without rules or responsibilities and spend almost most of their time enjoying or living adventures. It represents the vital transition towards adulthood through self-exposition of intimate moments related to crisis, research and evasion, loss and love.


Vanessa Roca (La Ràpita, 1990)

She is a photographer and educator. His work revolves around an interest in the representation of identity and vital transitions, starting from a self-referential exercise, often from a very intuitive process and mostly in analog format. In the last two years his work has been exhibited in different collective exhibitions in Spain, Poland and France.

15 OCT > 30 OCT / Ca n’Ángel, Es Mercadal
15 OCT / 1 pm / Opening


«Idil·li Mediterrani» is the portrait from a tourist perspective of Menorca in the sixties. The exhibition focuses on a selection of the work of Reno Wideson that shows the ways of life and subsistence in the ports of the island during the periods he visited Menorca.


Reno Wideson (1920 – 2020)

He was one of the most important Cypriot photographers and left innumerable images of everyday life, landscape and people in Cyprus. His contribution to the image of Cyprus between the forties and sixties was special, as in 1949 he was hired at the newly created Tourist Development Office. In 1960 he moved to England where he worked for the BBC. The longing of the Mediterranean made him look for a nearby place where he could spend seasons remembering his native Cyprus. He discovered Menorca and settled there between the summers of 1963 and the beginning of the 21st century.

11 NOV > 3 DES / Sala Sant Antoni, Maó
11 NOV / 7 pm / Opening



With the collaboration of Metges del Món

24th Luis Valtue.a International Prize for Humanitarian Photography organized by Metges del Món, which has injustice at the focus of its visual objective. The exhibition presents the winning project of this edition, Soledades Mayores, by the renowned photojournalist Santi Palacios. In addition to the winning work, you can also see the finalist series Heroínas by Emek Obanor (Nigeria), Ojos by Luis Sergio (Chile), Éxodo by Nicoló Filippo Rosso (Italy) and ‘Ya no tenga miedo? by Sergi Stroitelev.

15 OCT > 9 NOV / Sala Sant Antoni, Maó
15 OCT / 6 pm / Opening


Any Amount of Dreams (Muntanyes de Somnis) is the result of a work of almost six months between the author and Menorca Doc Fest, conceived as the twin sister of the photobook with the same title. Lluís (Maó, 1948) acts as ambassador of a habitat and characters with whom he would say that “it has rolled up”, an expression to understand its character and photography as a means of expression based on proximity. The photographs show a bookshop inhabited by gestures from the interior landscape itself.


Lluís Real

Born in Menorca in 1948. He studied photography at the Ealing Technical College in London and has spent much of his professional life in England. Since then, and coinciding with his return to Menorca, he began to combine his work in the publishing world with personal projects that he still develops today. His photographs have been exhibited in different corners of Spain and abroad and, currently, he is dedicated exclusively to his great passion: personal photography.

27 OCT > 7 NOV / Ca n’Ángel, Es Mercadal
27 OCT / 7 pm / Opening, with the presence of the artist




Exhibitions with the winning and finalist works of the Tramuntana prize for the best documentary photographic project 2021.


The work of Laia Albert, from Barcelona, portrays the reality of the La Boca neighbourhood, next to the nerve centre of the city of Buenos Aires. It includes the day to day, the constant struggle to escape imposed realities, the hostility and precariousness of unelected characters.

28 OCT > 7 NOV / Espai Biel Mercadal, Es Mercadal






Spain is one of the countries with the largest number of people who have disappeared in the world. 80 years after the armed conflict and 40 years after the death of the dictator, Donaire reviews a cross-cutting wound that continues to condition the identity and socio-political and cultural behaviors of our society.

Audiovisual projections






In the suburbs of Bucharest coexists a large group of Roma women who still develop predictive ancestral arts. The people of Rumana are sympathetic to them and do not hesitate to request the services now advertised on social networks. A current and poetic portrait of the preservation of this art of clairvoyance.

Audiovisual projections






Over the course of two years, the healing process of a cancer and the reconstruction of a breast are documented. Everyday moments and dreamlike images are captured that represent the emotional state and present the disease as a personal journey. A love story to inspire those who also meet.

Audiovisual projections




Exhibition of the works of the photographers awarded with a residency of creation by the cross-border festival FOTOLIMO and Es Far Cultural (Casa d’Artistes) during 2021. With the support of the Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean




Collectively and in dialogue with the protagonist of this photographic story, they address the construction of the identity of young people who are in migratory processes. Through Bilal’s personal experience, they reflect on the dialectical relationship between identity and memory and how territories can be spatial and temporal elements that condition the subjectivity of these people.

28 OCT > 7 NOV / Outside wall of the Es Mercadal Convention Centre
28 OCT / 7 pm – Opening




Exhibition of the works of the photographers awarded with a residency of creation by the cross-border festival FOTOLIMO and Es Far Cultural (Casa d’Artistes) during 2021. With the support of the Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean




The Parisian photographer and filmmaker portrays the stories of the farmers and families who inhabit the territories around the Céret bridge, who are part of the “Bien Vivre” collective, which was formed to fight against the macro-project of building a new bridge where there is already one. The project shows life on the periphery of the city and the daily defense of an inhabited territory that is threatened by the imposed urban borders.

28 OCT > 7 NOV / Outside wall of the Es Mercadal Convention Centre
28 OCT / 7 pm – Opening



Since 1997, Médecins del Món Spain has held the annual Luis Valtue’a International Prize for Humanitarian Photography, dedicated to the memory of Flors Sirera, Luis Valtue’a, Manuel Madrazo and Mercedes Navarro, four members of the organization who were murdered in Rwanda and Bosnia and Herzegovina while participating in humanitarian action projects.


In this edition, she presents the award-winning work Mare Substituta, the work of the winning photographer,  Mohsen Kaboli (Irán) i els tres finalistes: «El último viaje de Zohra Sarrouj» by Javier Fergo (Espanya), «Cruzando la última frontera, en Tijuana» by Daniel Ochoa de Olza (Espanya), and «Hijos de la desmemoria» by Santi Donaire (Espanya). Organised by Metges del Món.

The four authors address current issues through the lens and the language of documentary photography: the complexity of the controversial issue of rental belly, migration to Europe or the United States and the forced disappearances that occurred in Spain during and after the Civil War.

28 OCT > 15 NOV / Sala Multifuncional, Es Mercadal
29 OCT / 7 pm – Opening, with the presence of the photographer and director Santi Donaire, finalist of the last edition of the contest with the project “Hijos de la desmemoria”


«Javier Coll, 45 anys de fotoperiodisme». The photographer with the longest trajectory of photojournalism in Menorca. 45 years of profession, since 1976 he has been at the head of the Diari Menorca. A photographic legacy that has left a very important mark on the Menorcan imaginary. He has been able to photograph the Menorcan transition from the perspective of a media, which his exhibition shows especially on this occasion.

29 OCT > 15 NOV / Ca n’Ángel, Es Mercadal
29 OCT / 8 pm – Opening and guided tour with photographer Javier Coll


The photographer  Neus Solà (Barcelona, 1984) was awarded the First Prize for Documentary Photography MDF 2020, the first prize of these characteristics of the Balearic Islands.

The artist and documentary photographer traces with Poupées (nines, in French) a visual testimony of the Roma female youth of the community of La Cité de Perpignan, and shows the wildest face of childhood and adolescence of these young people, which contrasts with the restrictions they will have to assume once they have lost their virginity to become adult women. The title of the project also aims to serve as a metaphor associated with the gypsy patriarchal system and to highlight the premature cosification and sexualization of these girls who, paradoxically, must coexist with the standards dictated by their tradition.

Interested in exploring the human condition, her photographic work focuses on issues of identity, gender and territory from an anthropological perspective. His work has been recognized nationally and internationally and has exhibited in several countries such as Spain, France, Sweden, the UAE, India or Mexico, among others. Since 2017 she has been working on a project on the transgender community of India and, recently, she has accompanied participatory photography projects in Catalonia and France.

3 NOV > 22 NOV / Exhibition hall of the Church of Gràcia (l’Hospital), Alaior


On March 14, 2020, after the declaration of the state of alarm, citizens were confined to their homes to try to stop the advance of COVID-19. It was only justified to go out onto the street if the work was related to a strategic sector, as was the case with the media. A field in which photojournalists played a fundamental role, in the front line.


Eight media colleagues from the islands are part of this exhibition «Mesos de confinament». Gemma Andreu, David Arquimbau, Josep Begur Gomila, Isaac Buj, Ismael Velázquez, Vicent Marí, Juan Antonio Riera and Cati Cladera.

The contributions of the eight photographers are combined in the exhibition, with audiovisual elements with the purpose of making an x-ray of what the pandemic meant during confinement. An invitation to stimulate reflection on the impact of the pandemic on the lives of the inhabitants of the Archipelago.

5 NOV > 28 NOV / Sala Sant Antoni, Maó



The Luís Valtue.a International Prize for Humanitarian Photography is held annually. After the XXI edition, the award and the exhibitions have consolidated as a benchmark in humanitarian photography, denouncing the violation of human rights. The Luís Valtue’a prize consists of a grant for the realization of a photographic project in a work area of Médecins de Món.


This international prize for humanitarian photography has become a benchmark with commitment and solidarity. With the help of Médecins del Món.

29 OCT > 1 NOV / Biblioteca des Mercadal


The collective 220 is a photographic story anchored in various scattered areas of Algerian territory, which tells stories of people, cities and spaces. This group aims to be a wide field of experimentation and learning for each member, with its varied subjects, techniques and tools. In addition to being a kind of internal shared laboratory, 220 is a way to create external links to promote exchanges with photographers, artists and other collectives around the world. Since 2014, they have occupied public space in Algeria with ephemeral exhibitions, which become transmitters of new proposals.

31 OCT > 3 NOV / CCM, Es Mercadal


In this highly industrialised society we live daily with a saturated environment of chemicals. We eat them, we breathe them, we touch them… For the majority of the population, many of these elements are harmless, but not for everyone.

Dizziness, vomiting, fatigue or loss of consciousness are some of the symptoms with which people who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome (MSD) have to deal daily. Known colloquially as an environmental disease, this pathology has its origin in the adverse reaction to various chemical compounds present in our food and environment.

Those affected by this syndrome live ignored by institutions, by doctors and even misunderstood by an environment incapable of recognising an imperceptible condition, which cannot be seen or touched, or even heard, leading patients to a social condemnation in which even their psychological integrity is questioned.

“Birds of Pollution” collects the lives of a series of women affected by SQM, who need to be imprisoned to survive, because they must obey a strict protocol that avoids contact with chemists or people who have been exposed to these substances. The aim is to keep out of home a threat that keeps their lives under constant invisible danger, in a claustrophobic routine full of shadows. The home thus becomes a chamber of isolation, where perspective and relationship with an outside world that becomes unrealistic is lost.


Carmen Sayago

is a photographer dedicated to documentary photography. Since 2016 he has been working on long-term projects focused mainly on social and environmental issues, although curiosity has led him to deal with other little-known issues for society, creating in each project a language of its own. As a photographer, she not only wants to give visibility to existing realities, but also wants to provide new audiovisual languages that “wake” the viewer.

With her latest project, “Birds of Pollution”, she has obtained multiple recognitions: finalist in the XXI edition Luis Valtuesas Awards, winner of ND Awards environmental category, winner of the Photon grant, finalist Signo Editores Numen Awards, honorable mention at the International Photography Awards (IPA), honorable mention Monovisions Awards…

31 OCT > 3 NOV / CCM, Es Mercadal

ES CASTELL, S. XXI – 250 – 2021

Es Castell, S. XXI – 250 -2021 is a project initiated by David Arquimbau in 2012, which aims to show the life and daily life of the inhabitants of Es Castell.

With this project, Arquimbau wants to record the multiculturality of Es Castell, capturing street scenes from the day to day of the town, as well as celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, Carnival or patron saint festivities.


David Arquimbau is a photojournalist at the EFE agency and collaborates with publications such as Diari Ara and El País, among others.

31 OCT > 3 NOV / Ca n’Ángel, Es Mercadal


The project: «Camins» is a journey through the entry into Europe of the wave of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and other countries in the Middle East. The summer of 2015 has been visited by thousands of people looking for new challenges, a safe life, fleeing from the instability of their countries.

The work will consist of a photographic exhibition of about 35 images that represent this journey of refugees.

The refugee crisis has possibly been one of the most documented human tragedies in recent years and yet the images that have come to us have not been able to trigger a political response from Europe. It is for this reason that I propose to intervene pictorially the images of the journey of these refugees, working from the photographs that Cristian Pons Coll made of his path from the coasts of Greece until his arrival in autumn 2015. The applied painting on the intervened photographs will give the viewer a new opportunity to reflect on the environment of this tragedy and ask again about the meaning of these images. The objective of the pictorial intervention will be to highlight or incorporate some relevant meaning with respect to the story that the rest of the photographs weave.


Cristian Pons Coll. Photographer and cultural manager. Mahon (Menorca) on 29 July 1979. He lives in Es Mercadal (Menorca), where he develops his activity as a freelance in communication and audiovisual at the production company Tramuntana Fotografia (www.tramuntanafotografa.com). Tasks as a lighting technician in the film “A l’ombra de la muntanya” (In the shadow of the mountain). Project funded by University of Leeds. Direct sound in film for Producer Elsabeth in the film ARDARA. (www.ardaraflm.com). Professor of image and sound at the Mediterranean Film Festival (Médit). For five years as an operator of the Department of Emissions in Autonomic Television of the Balearic Islands.

Director of Photography for the Agency for Spanish Cooperation and Development in collaboration with CERAI (www.cerai.es). Correspondent for the Catalan News Agency ACN. (www.acn.cat). She grants young photographers from the Archive of Image and Sound of Menorca (2005 and 2008). Degree in Business Administration and Management and Audiovisual Communication. She is part of the team of cultural managers at Es FAR Cultrual (www.esfarcultural.net)


Alex Franquesa. Plastic artist. Barcelona (Catalonia) on 15 November 1979. Biologist and plastic artist with a marked interest in mixed techniques that mix painting and photography. He currently lives in Berlin where he develops his artistic activity and works as a biologist on horseback between Catalonia and Menorca. In addition to his activity in the mapping of natural habitats, his plastic works include large-format mural paintings and participation in various European collective exhibitions (“Walter benjamin’s suitcases. Migrating devices” and “Literary cities, XIII International Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Petit Format”). His pictorial work focuses on the analysis of current social constraints and seeks to rehabilitate the image – through photography and painting – as an effective tool for raising awareness and transmitting ideas around these conflicts.

31 OCT > 3 NOV / Ca n’Ángel, Es Mercadal


Houses converted into muddy, cars piled up in scrap hills, sad eyes for the destructions and the thirteen lives lost. The photographs of the effects of the flood that flooded the east of Mallorca in October 2018 show all this, but also the drive of the volunteers, the hope of collaboration and the will to redo what the water had taken.



Isaac Buj was born in Barcelona in 1976. In 2001 he graduated in Photography from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). He began his career as a photographer, starting to work in the Alsina fashion studio, between 2000 and 2003, as an assistant in photography, lighting and photography editing. Later he had the opportunity to work and get to know the world of television, recording, editing and performing in various programs both informative and reporting. Since 2007 he has devoted himself exclusively to photography, first as an official photographer of the Government of the Balearic Islands (from 2007 to 2011) and currently as a freelance photographer and editor of photography in the newspaper ARA Balears, in the magazine El Temps, Europapress and for press and communication (EFE Agency, Diari de Mallorca, El País…). In addition, she collaborates in other publications and carries out personal projects.

31 OCT > 3 NOV / Sala Multifuncional, Es Mercadal


At 9 a.m. and 50 minutes in the morning of 28 October 2018, a high-intensity fiblon head crossed Menorca, from Cala en Porter to Favàritx. He left his mark of destruction and knocked down five high-voltage towers on the two lines, north and south, between Maó and Ciutadella. This was how much of the island was left without electricity. The longest night lasted 55 hours and 53 minutes. The Menorcans discovered the island’s energy precariousness. It could have been worse, but it was enough to verify that Menorca needs another energy system, less polluting and safer.

This was the most important news of 2018, which still has consequences today, because a solution that guarantees the supply of electricity has not been reached.


The photographers of diari Menorca Gemma Andreu, Javier Coll, Josep Bagur Gomila and Sergi Garcia continued with their cameras the effects of the fibló head and all the circumstances experienced by the thousands of Menorcans who returned to the times when electricity did not exist. The images are the most real testimony of how people lived in the dark an unusual situation on an island without cable connection with Mallorca, dependent only on the power station.

Each graphic reporter covered the information of different situations: Gemma Andreu witnessed the damage caused by the fibló boss and what day-to-day life was like without electricity. Javier Coll monitored the operation to respond to the needs of people and the installation of generators. Josep Bagur showed a Ciutadella in the dark for two nights. Sergi Garcia captured the weather effects. The exhibition incorporates some initial images of the tombed electrical towers and others in which the new ones that were built by Red Eléctrica can already be seen and that allowed the distribution of electricity to be recovered throughout the island.

31 OCT > 7 NOV / Ca n’Ángel, Es Mercadal


The Casal de Jubilats has collected a small sample of the photographs that illustrate the weddings of years ago, in a period between 1918 and 1971; they all belong to vesins and vesines des Mercadal. It was customary that after the wedding the couples went to Alaior or Ciutadella to take a studio photograph to immortalize the day and who could afford it hired a photographer to attend the entire ceremony. The weddings were celebrated by the Church and only invited the family (rarely friendships), very numerous at that time. After leaving the church they used to go to one of the houses to make the invitation: cake with chocolate, sobrasada panets, traditional candied and pasta. Who could go to a restaurant. It was common to marry in black, regardless of whether they were grieving or not. As the years went by, the white dress began to be stylized. Another curiosity is that, after the church ceremony, if any of the members of the recent marriage lacked a father or mother, they went to the cemetery to leave the deceased parents the bride’s bouquet of flowers. It is for this reason that in some photos the bride appears without a bouquet of flowers.
31 OCT > 3 NOV / Esplai de Jubilats, Es Mercadal


He began his professional life in the 1970s as a photographer in the music magazine musical Vibraciones and also collaborates in newspapers, publishers and record labels such as Correo Catalán, El País, Planeta, RBA, Edicions 62, Ariola, CBS, RCA, EMI or EDIGSA; also in magazines, Rock Espezial, Viejo Topo, Rock de Lux, Fotogramas, Por Favor or Interviu.

In the book Música pels ulls, published in 2012 by the Barcelona City Council, on the occasion of the exhibition with the same name, in the Palau Robert, you can see photographs of musical artists from different national and international fields, who performed between 1970 and 1990, basically in Barcelona.

He has participated in different individual and collective exhibitions.


Francesc Fàbregas professional career has been linked to TV3, where he has created and directed the Sputnik program and has promoted the programs Autògrafs, 3rd 3rd Silenci?, Loops!, K33, Colors en serial, Opera en texans. He has also had various responsibilities as head of programmes on Canal 33 and as director and executive producer of cultural, musical and special programmes on Televisió de Catalunya. Since 2013 she has been directing and organising the Formentera Fotogràfica Photographic Photography Festival. He has been a member of the Improving Committee of the National Plan for Photography of the Government of Catalonia since 2014.

31 OCT > 3 NOV / Esplai de Jubilats, Es Mercadal